Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fun filled month

Well we've had a fun filled month. First of all, Corbin graduated from preschool! Where has the time gone? He is going to be in Kindergarten in August. My how time flies!

Mother's Day was also this month. Josh and the kids gave me a shopping spree to Sephora! They also got me some under-the-cabinet lights. I am loving cooking with light!

We went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs with one of Corbin's friends, Andrew. The kids got to feed the giraffes, that's the closest I have ever been to a giraffe! The kids thought it was great!

It was finally warm enough for us to go on our first campout of the season over Memorial Day weekend. The kids loved it! We roasted hot dogs for dinner (and smores of course). Then for breakfast we cooked pancakes and bacon on the fire! The kids thought that was about the best breakfast ever.

On Memorial Day we went to the Wings Over the Rockies airplane museum. The kids loved seeing all the airplanes.

Last weekend we took a long weekend and drove up to South Dakota, about 7 hours from our house. We stayed in a hotel with an indoor waterpark. The kids had so much fun swimming! Corbin and Josh went down the huge tube water slides about 100 times, seriously. Audra even had fun going down the slides. We also went to Bear World where we drove through dozens of bears, Elk and other wild animals. The kids thought it was great!!!! We also went to Storybook Park. It had a ton of life size statues of fairytale characters, as well as little castles and houses that the kids could play in. We were there for 3 hours at least. The kids thought it was so fun to sleep in a hotel. We also saw Mount Rushmore, an American bucket list item. It was pretty neat to finally see it in real life!

South Dakota

Picture from our drive to SD. This is 2 hours past the kids bedtime. Corbin fell asleep  right around bedtime, Audra was bouncing off the walls until at least 9! Crazy girl. 

Airplane Museum


Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Yes, we bought an indoor trampoline for some energy burning this summer! The kids love it!

Corbin and Riley

Preschool Graduation!

Contest entry for some  Disneyland tickets. :)

Mothers Day

Sunday, May 8, 2016

March-May Updates

Here's a ton of updates/pictures from the last few months.

We went to the Science museum in Denver, the kids loved pretending to be astronauts. They also have a bunch of stuffed animals that the kids loved to see. 

The kids got some new sleeping bags, we're ready for it to be warm enough to go camping! We've got big camping plans this summer. 

We went to Utah! Over spring break I drove to Utah with the kids. We got to see Bailey dance in her final drill concert, so fun to get to see her dance! 

Grandpa Reeder brought the kids some goodies from Russia. He brought Corbin a Russian hat and Audra both of them a Russian doll. 

Oh they love their Uncle Jordie!
 We went to the Children's Museum at the Gateway in SLC with Jordan. He had just as much fun as the kids!

Grandma Davis took some time to teach me how to make her famous rolls and cinnamon rolls! So fun to get to spend some time with her and my mom. My grandma is famous for her cooking.

Grandma Reeder put together an Easter egg hunt for the kids- they loved it! 

Grandpa Reeder took Corbin fishing and Corbin caught the first fish of the season! 

We went and saw Zootopia with Grandma Reeder and Jordan. 

Cousins!! We got to go see Bryan and Juliana's new house in Saratoga Springs. The kids loved playing with their cousins!!!

We took Grandpa Reeder to Red Lobster for his birthday!!

Easter Sunday back in Denver. 

A few days after returning from Utah we hopped on an airplane to visit Grandma and Bampa Wade! It is so nice and warm in AZ! We listened to conference, we went to the lake and the splash pad.

The PHX airport has this fun little playground on our terminal! 

Spring snow in Denver. Typical here. 

My little helpers for dinner. 

We've been riding bikes a lot lately!

Hacienda pre Mother's Day date night

I promise she likes bikes rides!